Police Chief Arrested For Allegedly Selling Drugs

In a very bizarre incident, a police chief is being charged with drug dealing and could face jail time of up to 20 years.

Shawn Denning, the chief of the Greensburg Police Department, is facing six federal criminal charges for alleged involvement in drug deals. 


The 41-year-old Delmont resident has been chief of the Greensburg Police Department since March 2022.

According to reports from the DOJ, a confident informant worked simultaneously with Denning and the DEA to expose him. 

The report also alleges that Denning facilitated the shipment of drugs from Arizona and California over a 16-month period.

The DEA also said that they have concrete evidence, including audio and video recordings and surveillance. 

Denning is facing a total of six charges, which could lead to a prison sentence of 20 years, a $1 million fine, or both.

The case is under investigation by both the FBI and the DEA.

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