[PDF] Download Amazon Annual Reports 10-K (1998-2021)

About Amazon

Amazon is a global technology company headquartered in Seattle, Washington, US. Amazon is one of largest employers in the US & one of the most valuable companies too. At the end of 2021, the company had little over 1.6 million employees.

The company has presence in many industries, but e-commerce & cloud are the main sources of its revenue. Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, the company became famous for disrupting large industries through technology & scale.

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, US

CEO: Andy Jassy

2021 Revenue: $469.8 billion

2021 Net Profit: $33.3 billion

Latest Annual Report: 2021

Amazon Annual Reports of last 24 years (1998-2021)

NumberAnnual Report YearDownload
1.Amazon Annual Report 2021Download PDF
2.Amazon Annual Report 2020Download PDF
3.Amazon Annual Report 2019Download PDF
4.Amazon Annual Report 2018Download PDF
5.Amazon Annual Report 2017Download PDF
6.Amazon Annual Report 2016Download PDF
7.Amazon Annual Report 2015Download PDF
8.Amazon Annual Report 2014Download PDF
9.Amazon Annual Report 2013Download PDF
10.Amazon Annual Report 2012Download PDF
11.Amazon Annual Report 2011Download PDF
12.Amazon Annual Report 2010Download PDF
13.Amazon Annual Report 2009Download PDF
14.Amazon Annual Report 2008Download PDF
15.Amazon Annual Report 2007Download PDF
16.Amazon Annual Report 2006Download PDF
17.Amazon Annual Report 2005Download PDF
18.Amazon Annual Report 2004Download PDF
19.Amazon Annual Report 2003Download PDF
20.Amazon Annual Report 2002Download PDF
21.Amazon Annual Report 2001Download PDF
22.Amazon Annual Report 2000Download PDF
23.Amazon Annual Report 1999Download PDF
24.Amazon Annual Report 1998Download PDF