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Ola S1 Electric Scooter Customer Review After Delivery

One of the first customers of Ola S1 shows the touchscreen, charging and other features of electric scooter in real world

  • Ola electric has commenced the delivery of S1 electric scooter from 15 December
  • One of the first customers of Ola S1 reviews it after taking delivery

Ola S1 electric scooter delivery has commenced from 15 December. One of the first customers took the delivery of Ola S1 and seems very happy with it. The video is from Diwakar Rajan Online on YouTube. In this video customer talks about Ola S1 electric scooter.

Ola S1 Electric Scooter Customer Review

Ola S1 Customer Review

In this video customer looked super excited for Ola S1. Customer got it’s S1 scooter in beautiful red colour. As permanent registration number is still awaited for scooter, Ola electric has advised customer to not take the scooter on public roads. Then customer shows the touchscreen of S1 electric scooter. The customer needs to type the password to unlock it, there is no physical key available on S1 scooter. The scooter was 84 percent charge when video was shot.

Ola S1 electric scooter touchscreen information

The giant touchscreen of S1 electric scooter shows all the necessary info. According to customer Ola S1 takes around 6.5 Hours to fully charge. The maximum range is in normal mode. The touchscreen shows 114 kms of range with 84 percent charge. Then customer talks about the charging socket of Ola S1. After plugging it to the socket Ola S1 shows 1 hours of charging time for full charge. Owner then opens the seat of Ola S1 and shows the massive boot space of the scooter. The S1 scooter can hold upto two helmets under the seat.

Ola S1 charging socket

The customer noted that some features of Ola S1 were missing. This includes Bluetooth, Maps and Cruise Control. Ola electric will add the rest of the features via software update in coming months.

The test rides of Ola scooters has commenced in November. Launch took place in August. The Bengaluru based mobility firm has launched S1 & S1 Pro at Rs. 99,999 & Rs. 1,29,999 respectively.

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