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Okinawa Electric Scooter Sales Cross 1 Lakh Models

Demand of electric two wheelers has led Okinawa to cross sales milestone of 1 Lakh models

  • Electric two wheeler manufacturer, Okinawa has surpassed the sales milestone of 1 Lakh models
  • Okinawa iPraise+ and Praise Pro are the best selling models from the brand

Okinawa has attained a new sales milestone of 1 lakh models. Currently, Okinawa sells both high-speed and low-speed electric scooters. iPraise+ and Praise Pro are the best selling models from Okinawa. These two scooters account nearly 70 percent of yearly sales by the brand. All thanks to success of family e-scooters, the brand was able to generate good sales volume in growing electric scooters space.

Okinawa Electric Scooter 1 lakh sales

Okinawa Expansion

After achieving sales milestone of 1 Lakh models, Okinawa is now focusing on expansion. This helps meeting increased demand by the customers. Currently Okinawa has 400+ dealerships spread across metro cities as well as rural markets. Company is planning to add 50 more dealerships in 2022.

The Rs 500 Crore budget is set aside for investments in new plants and developing new products. In phase one, 250 Crore of amount is to be invested. Gradually, company will increase the investment in next three years. Okinawa is gearing up to launch it’s new high-speed electric scooter in Q1 2022.

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