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New York Times Spelling Bee: What it is and how to play it

Is Wordle becoming too simple for you? On the New York Times Spelling Bee, here’s how to work your way up to Queen Bee status.

Wordle, a popular online game, has revived many people’s interest in word games. However, Wordle is a short game: you only get six guesses before you’re done, correct or wrong. We have a list of additional online word games, but after Wordle, this is our favourite: The New York Times Spelling Bee is an annual competition held by the New York Times.

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What is New York Times Spelling Bee?

The New York Times Spelling Bee has been in print since 2014 and online since 2018. The rules are straightforward: Every day, you’ll receive seven letters arranged in a honeycomb pattern (honeycomb, spelling BEE, somebody on the Times design staff got a buzz out of that).

How To Play New York Times Spelling Bee?

Players must use the provided letters to form words of four or more letters, always include the centre letter. There is always one pangram, which is a word that has all seven letters and is worth a lot of points. The game reminds me of a childhood favourite, Boggle, but without the little lettered dice and fun-to-shake gaming tray, as well as all of the setup and scoring.

As you locate words, the problem complements you with phrases like “genius” or “wonderful” and boosts your score a line, giving you higher rankings as you proceed. You earn the title of “Queen Bee” if you find all of the potential words. Or, at least, that’s what I’ve heard. That is something I have never done.

Is NYT Spelling Bee free?

While Wordle is free on the New York Times website for the time being, the New York Times Spelling Bee is more difficult. Please stick with me here. A Times representative told me in an email that people who don’t subscribe to any version of the New York Times, paper or digital, can play up to the rank of “Solid,” with the quantity of words varying based on the puzzle.

You can play the Spelling Bee every day if you receive the print version of the Times delivered. It depends on the pricing level you pay if you have a digital membership. The cheapest subscription, the Basic level, does not contain any games, including the Spelling Bee. However, the following tier, All-Access, includes NYT Games. These levels are described in this article.

You can also purchase a NYT Games membership for $40 per year or $1.25 per week if paid monthly. The newspaper recognises that some readers simply want to play its famous crossword puzzle and other word games, such as the Spelling Bee, and allows them to do so for a fee. You also get access to puzzle archives and a database of puzzles.

Do you want to play with an app? The Times Games app for iOS and Android (named simply The New York Times Crossword) is free to download, but only home delivery, All-Access, and NYT Games members get full access to everything the app has to offer, according to a spokeswoman.