Necropants: Pants made from the skin of a dead man in Iceland

In Strandir, Iceland, there is a museum called Museum of Icelandic Witchcraft and Sorcery. The museum is rated among top 10 most visited museums in Iceland by TripAdvisor. The most interesting thing inside the museum are Necropants, which are basically pants made by skinning a dead man from the waist down.

These pants have been featured in several old Icelandic folk tales. It is believed, that by placing a coin inside the scrotum of the pants, the wearer would get unlimited supply of money.

After being featured at British comedian Stephen Frye’s show, the pants got immensely popular and people came knocking the doors of museum to see the necropants.

The museum’s manager Sigurður Atlason, known as Siggi is often asked if those pants are real. Siggi told to the Iceland Magazine, that he always replies them, necropants only exist in Icelandic folk lore.