Man Who Ran Over A Pigeon Before Killing It With His Stick Says He Loves Animals

Norwich: An elderly man who was caught on camera running over a pigeon with his mobility scooter and killing it with his walking stick claims he “loves animals.”

The bird was accidentally killed, according to Melville Shalders, 67, who then crushed it to end the bird’s suffering.

‘It wasn’t intentional at all. I’ve worked at an animal sanctuary. I love animals and I’m sorry,’ he told The Sun.

‘I only did it because the pigeon was in a lot of pain’, he further added.

It took place on the morning of November 7 in front of a vegan store in Norwich’s St Gregory’s Alley that advertised itself as “pigeon-positive.”

Tofurei’s business camera on St Gregory’s Alley in Norwich captured the video at 10:34.

On the busy retail area in Norwich last Monday, he can be seen on surveillance footage swerving toward the bird before running it down.

A few yards later, the injured bird can be seen fluttering its wings while he continues to drive.

He crushes its head with his walking stick while pressing a foot into its torso as it lies wounded in a second video that has not been made public.

He leaves the damaged body by the door of a barbershop before getting back on his scooter.

Owner Jenny Coupland has a mural of a pigeon on the storefront and manages the Facebook page Peck Savers, which is referred to be a “pro-active pigeon page.”

Although she noted in a Facebook post that the man might not have intentionally killed the pigeon, she has now reported the incident to the authorities.

Norfolk Constabulary earlier said: ‘Police have received a report following an allegation from the member of the public that a motorised scooter has deliberately hit a pigeon.

‘Enquiries are currently ongoing.’