Login to Canva

Canva is an app used to create beautiful graphics, presentations & social media posts right on your phone. The app is very popular among graphic designers & social media managers. This guide will help you in Login to Canva.

Login to Canva on Phone

Login to Canva on Android

Canva on Android is very famous and usable. You can access almost each & every feature on the app. It’s very easy to login to Canva on Android.

Just follow the following steps to login to Canva:

  1. Open Canva App
  2. Click on the email address, if you want to login to canva with google.
  3. If not, then click the other way.
  4. Then, enter your email & password.
  5. Click Login.

Login to Canva on iPhone

The process is identical for both android & iphone. Open the app, enter login details & hit login.

Login to Canva on PC

The best part about Canva is that you can access the service on both phone & PC. The same or more features can be accessed on both the platforms.

To Login to Canva on desktop/PC, follow the following steps:

1. Open Canva.com.

2. Open the menu, click on Login option.

3. Click on your registered email id, if you want to login to Canva with google.

4. Click other way, if you can’t find your registered email id.

5. Enter your details.

6. Hit Login.