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Komaki Ranger And Venice EVs Launched From Rs 1.15 Lakh

The Komaki Ranger and Venice are the two newest products from the brand that are priced at Rs 1.68 Lakh and Rs 1.15 Lakh

  • Komaki Ranger is an electric cruiser bike while the Venice is an electric scooter that looks like the Vespa
  • The Komaki Ranger gets a price tag of Rs 1.68 lakh while the Venice will retail from Rs 1.15 lakh (ex-showroom)

EV Maker Komaki has launched its two new products in India. This includes an electric cruiser bike named Ranger and an electric scooter named Venice. The Ranger electric cruiser bike gets a price tag of Rs 1.68 lakh (ex-showroom). Komaki will retail the Venice electric scooter from Rs 1.15 lakh (ex-showroom). Both products add even more options in the product line of the Komaki.

Komaki Ranger

The Komaki Ranger is an electric cruiser bike. It gets three colour options which include Garnet Red, Deep Blue and Jet Black. This electric cruiser bike comes loaded with chrome finish all around. Komaki has given the Ranger two storage boxes and alloy wheels. As the Ranger is an cruiser bike it gets a pillion backrest as well. Tech like cruise control, bluetooth and anti-theft lock is available on this bike. The Ranger is powered by 4 KW (5.4 BHP) electric motor and 4 kWh battery pack. This gives the bike a range of 180 km to 220 km on a single charge.

Komaki Venice

The Komaki Venice is an electric scooter that seems to get inspiration from the Vespa. Features like mobile charging port, anti-theft, reverse assist and regenerative braking is available on the Venice. The Venice gets full steel body guard and is available in 9 colour options. As it is an electric vehicle, so it gets a 2.9 kWh battery pack and 3 kW electric motor that is equivalent to 4 BHP. The exact range of the Venice is not known yet as the manufacturer hasn’t revealed it yet. From Republic Day both these products will be available for purchase on the Komaki dealerships.