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Jabra Evolve2 85 Review: Sound Quality, Battery Life, Design

Sturdy built quality with incredible battery life and noise cancellation

The Jabra Evolve2 85 is definitely your best pick if you’re searching for a work-focused headset that doesn’t skimp on sound quality on your commute home. In addition to its well-known headphones, Jabra has spent the previous few years focusing more and more on the consumer music market. I was very interested to see how the over-ear Evolve2 85 compared to the Jabra Elite 85t earbuds, which are among of my favourite true wireless earbuds on the market.

The 85 may be the greatest all-around over-ear headset for business-oriented users, thanks to premium materials, multi-mic compatibility for active noise reduction, and a slew of features that make it suitable for both work and pleasure.

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Very Sleek and Professional Design

Any pair of over-ear headphones that is intended to be used as a business headset must have a professional appearance and feel. While most luxury headphones in this price range feel sleek and expensive, there’s something about the Evole2 85’s design that just feels more professional. The oval ear cups have clean lines, and the single-piece headband and slightly slanted connectors aren’t too noticeable—all while still looking high-end.

A silver/beige colour scheme is available, which is more consumer-friendly than the black model I tested, although both look fine. The outward-facing LED lighting on each ear cup is an added design detail that, depending on your perspective, may be beneficial. When this LED senses that you’re on a phone call, it turns on automatically. The goal is to convey to persons on the outside that you are in a “do not disturb” scenario, which will prevent phone calls from being interrupted. It’s quite bright and conspicuous (on Jabra’s side), but if the use case is important to you, it’s a great, utilitarian visual touch. It can be turned off in the Jabra Sound+ app if you don’t like it.

Very Very Comfortable

Finding the correct clamp and foam to wrap over your ears is something that over-ear headphone makers struggle with. Higher-end brands in the field, such as Sony and Bose, typically provide all of the softness and comfort you desire, whereas lower-end headphones tend to scrimp on this, making them uncomfortable.

The foam and leather on the cups of the Evolve2 85 are quite soft, yet the clamp is firm enough to give me a stable, solid seal. These headphones are quite comfortable to wear because of the balancing of these two features.

Great Build Quality

The use of plastic for the chassis of over-ear headphones is mostly owing to the fact that plastic is lighter and more ergonomic. So it’s difficult to fault Jabra for choosing this path with these headphones. The material utilised on the contact and inflection points of these headphones, on the other hand, feels a little less sturdy.

The ratcheting headband adjustment band, in particular, feels a little less expensive than the price tag suggests. I also discovered that the hinge above each ear cup that folds them inward (excellent for storage) has extremely sharp edges, and if the edge of your finger gets caught in there, you’ll get pinched.

Good Sound Quality and Noise Cancellation

I can’t emphasise enough how crucial a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones are in today’s remote work environment. The noise cancellation on the Evolve2 85 appears to have been designed specifically for use in an office setting.

That is to say, when there isn’t a thick blanket of noise (such as on a noisy airline or at a crowded park), these headphones perform a fantastic job of muting everything. Jabra appears to have adopted a more delicate approach to noise cancellation on these headphones, which makes them more capable and less irritating for sensitive ears than Apple’s AirPods Max.

Incredible Battery Life

The amount of battery life that Jabra has managed to squeeze into these otherwise stylish headphones is astonishing. It’s strange when you think about it, since while these headphones appear to be directed toward your desk, where a charging cord is easily accessible, you’ll rarely need it. However, because the headphones must be ready to use for phone calls at any time, it makes sense.

Jabra claims a battery life of up to 37 hours of use, which is easily 10 hours longer than competitors in the sector. To be honest, if you frequently utilise the active noise cancellation or the bright LED busy light, you’ll probably get less.

Jabra Evolve2 85 vs. Bose QuietComfort 35 II

In this space, it’s difficult to make a comparison between headsets. Many office-specific headsets have smaller speakers and aren’t great for music, whereas larger headsets with boom mics are flashier and more gaming-oriented.

The QC 35 headset is essentially the same set of headphones that put Bose on the ANC map, but with a built-in boom mic. Despite the fact that these are marketed as gaming headphones, they’re stylish and subtle enough to pair with the Evolve2s. Bose has somewhat superior noise cancellation and sound quality, but Jabra’s design and call integration are just more office-friendly.