Influencer Refuses To Talk To Family Because They’re Not Famous, Says ‘They’re Irrelevant’

According to an influencer with a sizable Instagram following, he won’t talk to his family because they aren’t ‘famous’.

Larz, a 23-year-old American from California who has over 400,000 followers and frequents the company of celebrities, has cutoff all relations with his family.

He first made headlines in 2020 after participating in a “coronavirus challenge” by licking a toilet bowl. The viral success of the video catapulted him to fame.

The influencer then claimed to have caught the virus, but his friend later discovered that the hospital video he released was actually old and that he had made up his illness with COVID.

After making a startling revelation, he is once again making headlines. Larz has admitted that he avoids talking to his family because they are not as well-known as he is.

He described it as “embarrassing” that people would even think he still speaks to his family while on the Kyle and Jackie O Show, an Australian radio show.

Presenter Jackie O’ Henderson questioned him about if he no longer talks to his family, and he responded: “Of course not. I stopped talking to them so long ago, it’s actually embarrassing that people would think I still talk to them. “

When asked who he speaks to instead, he said: “I talk to Cardi B over Instagram DM. We met on Twitter in 2015 and ever since have talked fluently.”

He claimed that he had blocked his seven siblings on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat and that he wouldn’t talk to them until they reached his following count.

He continued by saying that his parents didn’t care that he had grown distant from the family because they were too busy “divorcing, bickering, and being irrelevant.”

“I’m just more famous than everyone and I won’t talk to people who aren’t unless they get the same amount of followers as me,” he added.