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India’s First Electric MTBs Hero Lectro F2i and F3i Launched

Hero F2i and F3i are India’s first electric MTBs. Both offers 35 kms of range and comes with bluetooth connectivity

  • Hero Lectro has launched F2i and F3i as India’s first electric MTBs, both bicycles get bluetooth connectivity
  • Both Hero F2i and F3i offers 35 kms of range in one charge and comes with seven speed gears

India’s first electric MTBs are here in the form of Hero F2i and Hero F3i. These two electric MTBs are launched by Hero Lectro. The Hero Lectro is an electric bicycle division of Hero Cycles. These two electric MTBs are designed for optimal off-road as well as urban track experience.

Specifications of Hero F2i Electric MTB

Hero F2i Electric MTB

The Hero F2i offers 35 kms of range in single charge. It gets 6.4Ah high capacity battery with IP67 rating. 250W BLDC motor delivers high torque on F2i electric MTB. There are four different modes on offer. First is Pedelec mode that offers 35 kms range. Second is Throttle mode which offers 27 kms range. Rest two modes are Cruise Control and Manual. Hero has given smart LED display through which modes can be switched.

Above specifications are same for F3i electric MTB as well. Hero F2i and F3i are India’s first electric MTBs that offers connected technology as it comes with bluetooth. With seven speed gear both bikes get 100mm suspension. Front wheel measures 27.5 inches while rear wheel measures 29 inches on both Hero F2i and F3i electric MTBs.

Specifications of Hero F3i electric MTB

The Hero F2i electric MTB comes at a price tag of Rs 39,999. On the other hand, Hero F3i costs Rs 40,999. There are some visual changes to make difference between both the bikes. Hero has targeted adventure loving young riders with F2i and F3i electric MTBs.

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