In A Rare Occurrence, A Baby Is Born With 2 Heads And Three Hands In India

During the sonography, this baby appeared to be a twin.

Many variables can affect a baby in the uterus during its development period, including genetic abnormalities, growth blockages, and mechanical stresses. However, child-bearing troubles reached new heights for a couple in Madhya Pradesh’s Javra area in India.

Their child was born with two heads and three hands, with the third hand positioned between the two faces and towards the back.

Source: India Today

The kid was immediately taken to MY Hospital in Indore city due to the seriousness and complication of the unique incidence. The child is currently being treated in MY Hospital’s ICU.

The disease is known as dicephalic parapagus, according to paediatric surgeon Dr. Brijesh Lahoti. It’s an uncommon type of partial twinning that involves two heads on one torso.

“Such cases are rare and the condition of babies remains uncertain especially in the initial days due to which we have kept them under observation. We have not planned for any surgery on the patient,” Dr Lahoti told the media.