ICBC – Annual Reports & Financial Statements

About ICBC

ICBC is a Chinese multinational state-owned Bank, headquartered in Beijing, China. The bank ranks among top three banks worldwide by total assets & net profits. The Bank is listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange & Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

CEO: Gu Shu

Revenue: CN¥860 billion ($127.5 billion) approx.

Net Profits: CN¥350 billion ($51.8 billion) approx.

Total Assets: CN¥35.1 trillion ($5.2 trillion) approx.

Headquarters: Beijing, China

Latest Annual Report: 2021

ICBC Financial Statements

Annual operating results (in RMB milions)

Net interest income690,680646,765632,217593,677522,078
Net fee and commission income133,024131,215130,573124,394139,625
Operating income860,880800,075776,002725,121675,654
Operating expenses236,227206,585207,776194,203186,194
Impairment losses on assets202,623202,668178,957161,594127,769
Operating profit422,030390,822389,269369,324361,691
Profit before taxation424,899392,126391,789372,413364,641
Net profit350,216317,685313,361298,723287,451
Net profit attributable to equity holders of the parent company348,338315,906312,224297,676286,049
Net cash flows from operating activities360,8821,557,616481,240529,911770,864

ICBC Balance Sheet

As at the end of reporting period (in RMB millions)

Total assets35,171,38333,345,05830,109,43627,699,54026,087,043
Total loans and advances to customers20,667,24518,624,30816,761,31915,419,90514,233,448
Corporate loans12,194,70611,102,7339,955,8219,418,8948,936,864
Personal loans7,944,7817,115,2796,383,6245,636,5744,945,458
Discounted bills527,758406,296421,874364,437351,126
Allowance for impairment losses on loans603,983531,161478,730413,177340,482
Total liabilities31,896,12530,435,54327,417,43325,354,65723,945,987
Due to customers26,441,77425,134,72622,977,65521,408,93419,562,936
Corporate deposits13,331,46312,944,860 12,028,26211,481,14110,705,465
Personal deposits12,497,96811,660,53610,477,7449,436,4188,568,917
Other deposits250,349261,389234,852268,914288,554
Accrued interest361,994267,941236,797222,461 –
Due to banks and other financial institutions2,921,0292,784,2592,266,5731,814,4951,706,549
Equity attributable to equity holders of the parent company3,257,7552,893,5022,676,1862,330,0012,127,491

ICBC Annual Reports PDF (2005-2021)

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How much is the total assets of ICBC?

As of 2022, total assets of ICBC is approximately CN¥35.1 trillion ($5.2 trillion).

Is ICBC state owned?

Yes, ICBC is a Chinese state owned banking corporation.

Are ICBC & Bank of China same?

No, they are different banks. But, both of them are Chinese state owned.