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Hyundai Casper Van Launched With 940L Boot

The super tiny Hyundai Casper now allows a lot of cargo with its van version that gets a 940L boot space

  • The Hyundai Casper now gets a van version with 940L boot in the South Korean market
  • This entry-level Casper version gets a 1.0-litre petrol engine with 4-speed automatic gearbox

Since its formal debut in South Korea last year, the Hyundai Casper super tiny vehicle has been a big popularity. Its tiny proportions and well-appointed interior have made it a great choice for many metropolitan city commuters, and Hyundai has now put the Casper Van in the market here, building on the initial wave of enthusiastic feedback. Hyundai got 12,000 bookings for the Casper when it was launched in 2021.

Hyundai Casper Van

The Hyundai Casper Van looks exactly like the Casper, featuring LED headlights with DRLs. But what sets the Casper Van apart is that it is a two-seater variant of the standard Casper. This means it has a lot more boot space, given the same vehicle dimensions. The vehicle’s boot area is 940 litres with the rear seats removed. According to reports, Hyundai has installed metal bars to the rear side windows to prevent luggage from slamming into the glass.

The Casper Van also boasts a 4.2-inch digital infotainment screen and Bluetooth technology. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) technologies like as Lane Keep Assist, Forward Collision Warning, and Cruise Control are also available on the Casper and Casper Van. Optional features include a heated steering wheel and luxury upholstery, among others. The Casper Van will appeal to two-person households in South Korea who need to travel or relocate frequently.