How to fix Ford F-150 Clicking AC Noise

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Answer 1

Method 1: Fixing the actuator.

Temperature (left and right), air recirculation, and mode are all controlled by four electric actuators.

  1. To figure out which actuator is broken, try adjusting the controls one at a time.
  2. It’s possible that you’ll have to perform some detective work to figure out who’s creating the noise.
  3. Each contains a small motor and a potentiometer that allows the control module to determine the position of the door.
  4. When they fail, the module is unable to determine the location of the actuator and runs its motor in search of a signal.
  5. It goes “pop – pop – pop” when it reaches the end of the gear.

Answer 2

In my 2011 F150, I’ve replaced the blend door actuator three times and am now on my way to O’Reilly’s to acquire another one!

It’s a good thing the part comes with a lifetime warranty!! I looked at a few YouTube videos that demonstrated how to do it.

It’s aggravating that it continues to break, as it has done since around 2014…. On the F150 and other models that use the same part, this is a common issue.

The broken plastic gear within the mix door actuator is the source of the clicking sound (moving the knob changes the vent from cold to hot).

The clicking sound is usually heard at the last two “cold” positions on the control knob (the one with red and blue colour indication lines around the knob).

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