How To Fix F-150 Coolant fan (high) running continuously

Complete step by step guide.

Hello, Before you start your engine, I recommend removing the terminal hose from which the water returns to the water tank, which is usually the upper one (see image below), then start the motor and check if there is waterflow coming out of the hose; if there is, your pump is working properly; if there isn’t, something is stuck in the water circuit.

How To Fix F-150 Coolant fan (high) running continuously

If the water inside the engine is flowing normally but it is still heating up, the first suspect is a thermostat that is blocking the path to the radiator.

You can check this by lightly touching the radiator for a short period of time while being careful not to burn yourself and staying away from the fan.

Last but not least, if you have a broken radiator with something stuck inside preventing water from flowing through, remove the radiator’s intake hose and the water tank cork to allow air to escape, then blow air into the intake hose, if bubbles appear in the water tank as strong as the pressure you put in it, that’s fine.