How Burger King Destroyed Friendships for Free Food

Burger King once made the decision to sever friendships in the name of free Whoppers at the beginning of 2009.

If you don’t remember (or have blocked this time-period from your brain due to emotional trauma) Burger King ran a promotion called the Whopper Sacrifice in January, ’09. The idea was straightforward: by unfriending 10 individuals on Facebook, you would receive a coupon for a free Whopper.

The campaign, which was developed by Crispin Porter & Bogusky ad agency, was a huge hit: in a matter of days, the Facebook application was installed close to 60,000 times, close to 20,000 Whopper vouchers were distributed, and more than 200,000 Facebook friends were removed.

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Facebook users even started unauthorised groups, offering to let other users friend them before deleting them for the Whopper Sacrifice.

Being informed that one of your former friends abandoned your online company for a 1/10th of a Whopper is the worst thing that can happen, second only to being unfriended in the name of a single fast-food cheeseburger (priced at about $5, depending on where you live). which took place. Each time.

As a result, after ten days, Facebook suspended the advertising, citing a breach of user privacy because Whopper Sacrifice informed friends if they had been deleted.

It “challenged the whole idea of Facebook,” according to a person at the agency. Ironically, that only increased interest in the campaign.