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Honda CB190X Rival Zongshen Cyclone RX1S Launched

Zongshen Cyclone RX1S will rival the Honda CB190X bike in China with 249cc engine & USD forks on offer

  • Zongshen Cyclone RX1S is an adventure bike that gets a 249cc engine and comes with a price tag of CNY 16980 (Rs 2 Lakh) in China
  • Honda CB190X which also lies in the same segment will have to face competition from the Cyclone RX1S bike

In China there’s a new adventure bike that goes with the name of Zongshen Cyclone RX1S. Zongshen has launched it to rival the Honda CB190X adventure bike in the Chinese market. In China, the Zongshen Cyclone RX1S adventure bike gets a price tag of CNY 16980 which translates to Rs 2 lakhs. The bike gets an adventure bike treatment with metal guards all around. It will appeal to the adventure bike lovers with low on budget.

Zongshen Cyclone RX1S Bike

As it’s an adventure bike so it gets a 249cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine. This engine puts out 24.74 BHP and 21 Nm on the Cyclone RX1S bike. Zongshen is offering USD forks and rear monoshock for the optimal performance. To make it even better the Cyclone RX1S gets dual-channel ABS with disc brakes on both wheels. The alloy wheels on the bike are of 17-inches. The Cyclone RX1S is available with 175mm ground clearance. Zongshen is offering semi-digital cluster and 14 litre fuel tank on the bike.

Honda CB190X vs Cyclone RX1S

So where does the CB190X bike stands? Honda offers 184cc engine on the CB190X adventure bike. This engine packs 15.9 BHP & 15 Nm which is far less as compared to the Cyclone RX1S bike. The fuel tank size is same as of the Cyclone RX1S which is of 14 litres. Honda CB190X gets telescopic suspension as compared to USD that we see on the Cyclone RX1S bike. The cluster on the CB190X too is semi-digital one. In terms of ground clearance, the Cyclone RX1S is a winner with 175mm as compared to 160mm on the CB190X. Both bikes reminds us of the adventure.

Honda CB190X Adventure Bike