Man Discharged From Hospital After Fighting COVID For 453 Days

Houston: Weaymon “Dub” Crochet, a resident of Bellaire, travelled to Houston Methodist in the Texas Medical Center in August 2021 with COVID.


According to Click2Houston, He was moved to the Houston Methodist Continuing Care Hospital in Katy three months later, and he has remained there ever since.

Crochet was one of the Houston residents who contracted the Delta variant during the wave, and he was unable to leave the hospital for the following 453 days.

Crochet made his first exit from the hospital on Wednesday. He was greeted with a joyful farewell from friends, family, and hospital staff as they formed a line to cheer him from the elevator to his car.

“The doctors and nurses couldn’t be a better group of people. I’ve never seen that many people work together and enjoy each other. Friends, can’t go through life without friends. Church is priority. And my family, God bless them. They’re my rock,” Dub said.

He claims he still needs to strengthen himself. However, taking everything into account, this is a fantastic recovery.

His wife, Rachel, claims that she was by his side every day and that on some days it appeared as though he would not make it.

“He’s a miracle, he is a miracle. They said there was no way he could survive,” she said. “I went, ‘Nope, he’s walking out of here. He’s walking out of here!” And he did! And he did!”

“This is a true blessing. God [gave] me all his angels to get me out of here,” Dub said, according to Click2Houston.