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Hero Xtreme 160R Stands With Gigantic Ducati Multistrada

These images of Ducati Multistrada & Xtreme 160R shows that why there is a price difference of Rs 17.84 Lakh between both bikes

  • Hero Xtreme 160R is a decent looking street bike that comes with a 163cc engine, but this is not the case with Ducati Multistrada
  • Recently Xtreme 160R spotted with Ducati Multistrada and size difference between both the bikes is huge

Comparing Hero Xtreme 160R with Ducati Multistrada doesn’t make any sense. After all these two bikes belong to different segment and are made for different things. The Xtreme 160R is a street bike while Ducati Multistrada is an off-roader. Even though the price difference between both the bikes is huge, we spotted them hanging out. The results can be clearly seen in the images.

Hero Xtreme 160R With Ducati Multistrada

Size Of Hero Xtreme 160R and Ducati Multistrada

In terms of dimensions, Hero Xtreme 160R has a seat height of 790 mm while Ducati Multistrada has of 840 mm. Overall height in Ducati Multistrada is at 1,520 mm while in Xtreme 160R it is just at 1,052 mm. This makes Ducati Multistrada an intimidating looking mean machine over Xtreme 160R. Big body panels also plays a key role here.

Ducati Multistrada looks even more bigger here

Just look at the rear wheel of Multistrada bike. It looks almost as big as the whole Xtreme 160R bike due to large width. It is irony that both rear wheels measures the same. Immensely wide rear tyre moves 240 kg kerb weight of the Ducati Multistrada. The Hero Xtreme 160R weighs almost half of it with a kerb weight of 138.5 kg.

In Hero Xtreme 160R there’s 163 cc engine on offer while on Ducati Multistrada it is of 1,158 cc. Power and Torque for Xtreme 160R stands at 15 bhp & 14 Nm. The Ducati Multistrada power and torque stands at massive 167.62 bhp & 125 Nm.

Hero Xtreme 160R with Ducati Multistrada

When it comes to price, one can clearly get to know that why Ducati Multistrada costs almost 16 times of the Xtreme 160R. The Ducati Multistrada comes at a price of Rs 18.99 Lakh (ex-showroom). On the other hand Xtreme 160R costs just 1.15 Lakh (ex-showroom).

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