Fugitive Arrested After Applying For Sherriff’s Office Job

Jersey City: A woman from New Jersey was detained for applying for a job as a security guard.

She was a wanted fugitive, according to the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office, which explains why.

The 27-year-old Jersey City resident recently disclosed her location when applying for a security position with the Hudson County department.

After she skipped court on fraud charges, authorities discovered she was the subject of an active bench warrant in Monroe County, Pennsylvania, according to a news release from October 6.

She also had 10 more bench warrants after failing to appear in court for traffic offences out of Jersey City.

Authorities say a detective from the sheriff’s office arrested the woman after verifying her warrants. She was detained on suspicion of “being a fugitive from justice.”

“While conducting a routine inventory of Johnson’s property following her arrest, sheriff’s officers discovered that she was in possession of two credit cards believed to be stolen, and she was subsequently charged with credit card theft,” according to the news release.

She had previously worked for the U.S. Postal Service, investigators discovered, according to officials. The Postal Investigative Service was contacted by the sheriff’s office, and a separate investigation has already been started.