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Ford: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I obtain my radio or key code for Ford vehicle?

To begin, look for a Security Code card in the same package as your Owner’s Manual. If you still need assistance, contact a Ford Authorized Dealer or Repairer for further information. We are unable to disclose code information via phone or email for security reasons. If you need a new key or fob, contact your local Ford Authorised Repairer, who will be able to order and programme one for you.

How to obtain a new Owner’s Manual for Ford?

An Owner’s Manual is included with every new Ford vehicle. If you don’t have one, speak with the Sales Team at your Dealer. If you’ve misplaced your handbook or bought a pre-owned Ford without one, you can purchase one online for a modest price. Here you can purchase a new manual.

How to obtain service history of a previously owned Ford vehicle?

We don’t hold servicing records centrally, however we do encourage that purchasers and sellers pass on the Service Portfolio to assist keep the vehicle in good shape and keep you on the road for longer. Make touch with the person who sold you the automobile initially. Authorised Ford Repairers may save servicing records that they can access, however this is dependent on each Franchise’s processes. Speak with the service team, who will do all possible to assist you.

Where to find technical specifications for a Ford Vehicle? 

To begin, look through our online sites to learn more about your vehicle. Simply click this link to select your vehicle from the menu, then select Brochures, Prices & Specifications from the menu. If you can’t find what you need on our website, we recommend contacting a Ford Dealership for technical assistance, since they not only have the necessary knowledge and experience, but also have direct access to our technical support services.

Do I get Ford Roadside Assistance with my new vehicle?

Yes, new Ford vehicles come with Ford Assistance for a year from the time you take delivery. When you schedule a Scheduled Service with a participating Dealer, you can get up to a year’s worth of roadside assistance for free.

How to obtain a Certificate of Conformity for Ford vehicle?

If you require a Certificate of Conformity for a car, please contact at [email protected], if you require a Certificate of Conformity for a commercial vehicle, please email at the same email.