Florida residents freak out as they mistake Taylor Swift concert lights for a UFO

Taylor Swift’s concert in Tampa, Florida caused a bit of a stir among locals who mistook her stage lights for an alien invasion.

The pop star has been touring the United States as part of her Eras Tour, which features pyrotechnics, fireworks, and flashy lights.

During her sold-out concert at the Raymond James Stadium, one of the bright lights beamed out into the sky, prompting some residents to believe that aliens were invading.

Those who were not at the concert filmed the mysterious white band moving left and right in the sky, in awe and panic.

Source: YouTube

“Oh s**t!”, one said in a video clip.

“What the f**k?”, others asked.

One woman exclaimed in terror: “No way, holy s**t, they’re coming for you!… we’re out…

“That’s some alien s**t!”

The video footage of the confused residents went viral on TikTok, with many finding it humorous.

A fan joked in the comments: “Bestie that’s just the Swifties at Church with mother Taylor.”

Meanwhile, Swift has been performing to thousands of fans across the country, delivering her hits in sold-out shows.

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