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First Ola S1 Electric Scooter Lands In Kashmir

Ola Electric seems to be touching every corner of India as the first S1 electric scooter got delivered in Kashmir

  • Ola Electric has delivered first model of the S1 electric scooter in Kashmir and owner shared first pictures of it
  • First owner of the Ola S1 in Kashmir took to Twitter to share the first images and Ola CEO shared it too

Ola Electric is sitting on a huge bookings for its Ola S1 electric scooter. The company is accepting bookings from all over India and so delivering it too. Recently a customer from Kashmir took delivery of the Ola S1 electric scooter. It’s the first Ola S1 scooter to be delivered in Kashmir. Ola Electric delivered the scooter at the time when region is witnessing a heavy snowfall. The first Ola S1 customer in Kashmir is Bilal Bhat. Bilal Bhat has shared his experience on Twitter and also shared images of the scooter.

First Ola S1 owner in Kashmir

Ola S1 Kashmir Delivery

The above images are of Bilal Bhat with his Ola S1 scooter. In Kashmir, Ola Electric used third-party logistics service for the delivery. Ola hasn’t followed traditional model but chose to go completely online. The Ola S1 scooter bookings are done online and then delivered directly to the address. This is the main reason that why the company has reached all over India in very short time. Its not just Kashmir but Barak Valley in Assam too. Both Kashmir and Barak valley are considered as remote locations. Like Kashmir, Ola Electric also delivered first Ola S1 scooter in Brak valley too.

First Ola S1 delivery in Barak valley

This new method of sales and service is doing fine as of now. Ola Electric is able to cater those customers who belong to remote locations of the country. One added benefit here is Ola Electric don’t need to manage hundreds of dealerships like most of the automakers do. For service one needs to just call the customer support and everything will be done at their home. This provides a very easy ownership experience.