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Evtric Motors Reveals New Electric Two-Wheelers

Evtric Motors has unveiled the Rise electric bike and two electric scooters Mighty and Ride Pro at EV India Expo 2021

  • Evtric Motors has unveiled new electric two-wheelers at ongoing EV India Expo 2021 in Greater Noida
  • The Rise electric bike, Mighty and Ride Pro electric scooter are three new products

Evtric Motors has unveiled its range of electric two-wheelers at EV India Expo 2022. Their first product is Rise electric bike and other two are Mighty and Ride Pro scooters.

Evtric Motors Rise Electric Bike

Evtric Rise Electric Bike

The Rise electric bike from Evtric Motors gets a range of 120 kms. This bike is also capable to hit the top speed of 100 kmph. Evtric Rise electric bike is powered by 3.0kWh lithium-ion detachable battery.

Evtric Mighty and Ride Pro Scooters

The Mighty electric scooter gets a range of 90 kms on single charge. The top speed of Evtric Mighty is 70 km/h. Mighty electric scooter gets a beautiful design language with chrome finish on front.

The Ride Pro electric scooter is capable of hitting a top speed 75 km/h. Range is same as of Evtric Mighty which stands at 90 kms.

Evtric Mighty electric scooter

Evtric Motors has 70+ distributors across India. The company is planning to hit 150 distributors soon. As the market of electric two-wheelers is booming, many wants to be a part of it. With its three new two-wheelers, Evtric Motors is planning the same.

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