Does Urine Comes From Blood?

Urine is formed in Kidneys after filtering waste from your blood. That waste is called urea. The blood acts as a medium to transport that waste to Kidneys to get filtered. After that the urine moves through two thin tubes to get stored in an expandable round shaped organ called bladder.

Does Urine Really Comes From Blood?

Yes, its true, Urine does comes from blood. Urine is actually waste filtered from Blood by Kidneys.

Why is Urine Yellow in Colour?

Urine colour depends on hydration, diseases, food & interaction with drugs. Generally, its colour is transparent, ranging from amber to colourless, but in most cases its is pale yellow in colour.

This colour is due to presence of pigments & Urobilin. Urobilin is the waste product produced during the destruction of ageing cells.

Why does Urine smells?

Urine just came out of human body may not smell, but after some time it may aquire a strong fish like smell. This is due to the contamination of urine by bacteria, that breaks down urea into ammonia.

Fresh Urine doesn’t smells and has no odor, if it does, then its a symptom of Urinary Tract Infection.