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December 2021 Brand Wise Car Sales – Tata 2nd, Kia 7th

Tata Motors, Skoda, Nissan were biggest gainers while Kia, Hyundai and Renault were biggest losers in December 2021

  • December 2021 was phenomenal month for the biggest gainers like Tata Motors, Nissan and Skoda
  • Kia, Hyundai and Renault sales slipped the most in December 2021

In December 2021, the Indian car industry recorded a total sales of 243,112 models. As always Maruti Suzuki continues to be the top car maker in India. The sales of Maruti Suzuki stood at 113,851 models in December 2021 as compared to 129,539 in December 2020.

Tata Motors December 2021 Sales

Tata Motors races ahead of Hyundai with total sales of 35,300 models. The company registered 50 percent growth YoY. The sales of South Korean major Hyundai stood at 32,312 models last month. Hyundai sold 47,400 models in same period a year ago.

Mahindra, Toyota Sales December 2021

Mahindra is on fourth position with sales of 15,338 models in December 2021. The company registered a growth of 12 percent. Toyota sales stood at 10,832 models as compared to 7,487 models in December 2020. Toyota sales grew by good 45 percent last month.

December 2021 Brand wise car sales

Honda, Kia Sales December 2021

Honda cars sales stood at 7,973 models with 8 percent decline. The company sold 8,638 models in December 2020. Kia here is on 7th position as company sales declined by good 34 percent last month. Kia total sales in December 2021 stood at 7,797 models.

Renault, Nissan Sales December 2021

The Renault sales declined by 34 percent with total 6,130 models sold last month. In December 2020, Renault sales were at 9,800 models. On the other hand, Nissan sales grew by massive 159 percent. The Nissan sales were at 3,010 models in December 2021 against 1,159 models a year ago.

Both Maruti & Hyundai sales dropped in Dec 2021

VW, Skoda Sales December 2021

Both Skoda & VW recorded a sales growth in December 2021. VW sales grew 54 percent while Skoda sales grew by stellar 148 percent. VW sold total 3,700 models against 2,401 models a year ago. The Skoda sales grew from 1,303 models in December 2020 to 3,234 models in December 2021.

MG Motor Sales December 2021

MG Motor was able to 2,550 models last month. The company sales slipped 36 percent in December 2021. A year ago, MG Motor sold 4,010 models in the Indian market. Recently launched, the Astor SUV has got an amazing response from the customers.

Citroen Sales December 2021

Citroen sales stood at just 24 models last month. This can be justified because the company has only one offering in the Indian market. FCA on the other hand recorded a good growth of 137 percent in December 2021. Most of the credit for FCA sales goes to the Jeep Compass SUV.

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