Dave Grohl Spent 16 Hours In A Storm BBQing For The Homeless In LA

Dave Grohl, a living music legend, has just finished spending 16 hours preparing and cooking food for 450 people in need.

To feed close to 500 homeless individuals, the frontman of the Foo Fighters went out onto the streets of Los Angeles.

In order to give back to the community, Grohl teamed up with The Hope Mission.

The chief financial officer of Hope of the Valley, a nonprofit dedicated to helping those who lack the resources to feed, house, and clothe themselves and their families, is Rowan Vansleve.

Vansleve recently shared the fantastic news that last Wednesday, none other than the current lead musician of Foo Fighters and former drummer of the legendary 1990s band Nirvana, had joined their wellbeing project on Instagram (22 February).

Uploading a video of Grohl in action, he captioned the post: “And in the middle of our 350 mile run to end homelessness, we got the coolest video ever from Dave Grohl, of the Foo Fighters.”

“Not only did he wish us luck, but he cooked for hundreds of people who live in our shelters in the middle of one of the worst storms,” the post further said.

Pictures from the event show Grohl and the committed staff preparing a delectable barbecue meal for the homeless that includes ribs, pig butt, brisket, cabbage, coleslaw, and beans.

TMZ claims that Grohl personally underwrote the entire nonprofit project and ‘got some sleep here and there in the parking lot while the meat was getting smoked’.

The feast helped to feed up to 500 people who were sleeping on the streets of Los Angeles, proving that he is just as much of a rockstar offstage as he is on.

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