Cemetery staff take out personal ad for goose whose mate died — and find her a new match

Few things are more heartbreaking than a tragic end to a love affair.

One of those tales is from a town in Iowa, where workers noted that Blossom, a goose, was acting strangely following the passing of Bud, her mate.

In the pond of Riverside Cemetery in Marshalltown, Blossom and Bud resided. As Bud passed away, the cemetery personnel claimed that Blossom’s anguish was as visible as any human’s, according to CBS News.

Blossom began loitering close to the front desk, often gazing at herself in the mirror or on the mock tombstones, according to general manager Dorie Tammen.

Even if it was only in the shape of a reflection, Blossom desired company.

Tammen posted a personal ad on Facebook for the “lonely, widowed domestic goose,” writing that Blossom wanted a “life partner for companionship and occasional shenanigans.” In the ad, Tammen called Blossom “youthful, adventurous and lively.”  

The joke turned out be a good decision and worked. Deb and Randy Hoyt, the owners of the widower goose Frankie, spoke to Tammen.

Just like Blossom, Frankie was in need of a mate.

“He (was) so lonely,” Deb Hoyt said.  

So, a blind date was set up and Blossom welcomed Frankie with open wings.

“They started walking off together and they haven’t really left each other’s side since,” Tammen said.

Header credit: CBS News

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