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Breaking: Jaguar Land Rover is going all-electric from 2025

The future is electric for the British company.

Jaguar Land Rover, a British company, has pledged to provide all-electric vehicles by 2025.

Jaguar has stated that it will completely abandon combustion engines in the next five years and become a 100% electric brand.

Land Rover, on the other hand, plans to introduce six all-electric vehicles by 2025, in addition to its present lineup. In 2024, the first Landy EV is planned to be introduced.

According to reports, the automaker will construct three model platforms and abandon its existing approach to chassis design, which appears to be case-by-case at the moment.

Jaguar will have exclusive access to one platform.

Twitter: Jaguar Land Rover

But, most crucially, these platforms will be built on electric-only platforms. When combustion vehicles are converted to electric vehicles, concessions must be made, most notably in battery capacity and, as a result, range.

The electric Land Rover models will be constructed on the company’s Modular Longitudinal Architecture, according to AutoCar. This platform is designed for electric vehicles, although it can also be utilised for vehicles with internal combustion engines.

The shift to electric drivetrains will not come as a surprise to British motorists. In 2030, the United Kingdom will prohibit the sale of new gasoline vehicles, giving legacy automakers an ultimatum: go electric or perish.

Jaguar trademarked “EV-Type” last year, fuelling rumours of an all-electric F-Type on the road. It appears like we won’t have to wait long to find out.