Big Jet TV: Youtuber Viral For Plane Landing Videos In Storm

Jerry Dyer is viral for his aviation videos.

If, like me, your parents’ idea of kid-friendly entertainment was taking you to a pub at the end of an airport runway to “watch the aircraft,” Friday’s big viral internet moment will have been exactly up your alley. On Friday morning, over 200,000 people saw some of the world’s largest planes land at London Heathrow Airport amid a storm on the YouTube channel Big Jet TV.

Youtube: Big Jet Tv

Winds of up to 122mph wreaked havoc across the UK, ripping the roof off London’s renowned O2 arena in half. Planes continued to land at the country’s busiest airport, which is located southwest of the city.

Who is the owner of Big Jet TV?

Jerry Dyer is the owner of Big jet tv youtube channel

As jets, including Airbus A380s, struggled to land on Heathrow’s runway while being buffeted by the heavy winds, the video on Jerry Dyer’s YouTube channel went viral. As terrified viewers watched planes try, and sometimes fail, to strike the runway, Dyer recounted the high-stakes attempts with the ability of a pro sports announcer. Many of the jets appeared to be struggling to remain on course as they approached the airport, coming in sideways. While there were several misses, several did make it to the ground safely.

“Let’s see what you’re made of, son,” Dyer said as a Qatar A380 attempted its third landing. “If you bring her in, I’ll buy you a round of drinks.” The internet let out a sigh of relief when the jet eventually landed. Airplanes have three chances to land at Heathrow before being forced to divert to another airport.

Dyer praised the pilots for their bravery and professionalism, stating, “You’ve got to hand it to these men; they’re big kahunas. The females, on the other hand, clearly do not.”