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Bajaj Auto Readies Itself For EVs With Rs 300 cr Investment

Bajaj Auto is ready for EVs as it announced Rs 300 cr investment in dedicated EV factory in Akurdi, Pune

  • Bajaj Auto has announced Rs 300 cr investment in new EV factory in Akurdi, Pune
  • This new EV factory can produce 500,000 EVs per annum and spreads over half a million square feet

Bajaj Auto has announced an investment of Rs 300 cr in a new EV factory. This new EV factory is situated in Akurdi, Pune. Capable of producing 500,000 EVs per annum, this factory spreads over half a million square feet. Nearly 800 people will work here to boost the presence of Bajaj Auto in electric vehicle market.

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Bajaj Auto Rs 300 Cr EV Plan

The new EV factory of Bajaj Auto will roll out its first vehicle in June 2022. For swift production, this new factory has automated system as well as robotics. The initial investment is of Rs 300 cr, further Rs 250 Cr will be invested by the vendors of the company.

Everything including logistics, fabrication, painting, assembly as well as material handling will be done here by robotics.

According to Bajaj Auto, this new facility will be a hub for everything related to EVs. This includes Design, development and manufacturing.

MD, Bajaj Auto, Rajiv Bajaj has termed it as a Bajaj 3.0. With this the Bajaj Auto is ready to take on rivals such as Ola Electric, Simple Energy, Ather Energy etc.

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