Apple AirTag helps bring lost pup home

Orlando, FL: In a first for an Orlando animal shelter, a lost dog was quickly reunited with its owner thanks to a peice of technology.

According to Fox 4 Now, Rocky’s little journey began at his house and finished at Orange County Animal Services, which was roughly a 20-minute drive away.

After an hour, according to Denise Huertas, she realised Rocky had gotten away from her.

“I went to take the trash out and I think he just escaped when I took the trash out,” she recalled.

She then realised that she had placed an Apple AirTag tracking device on him.

“I ran and got my phone… when i looked at the location, the location said about 20 minutes away,” Huertas said.

Rocky was delivered to the shelter by a kind person who saw he was different from most of the dogs they take in.

Bryant Almedia referred to the AirTag as being at a level of technology that had never really been seen before.

The animal shelter praised Denise for her inventiveness in attaching the AirTag to his collar but reminded people that typically, pets should be microchipped or wear an ID tag on their collars to help owners be found.