After Eating Raw Beef For Years, A Chinese Man Got Tapeworm In Small Intestine

Beef is one of world’s most eadable food, eaten in almost every country, except some of course. But in China, one man had so high love for beef, he started eating it raw. Well, it didn’t went well for him.

After constantly eat raw beef over a couple of years, a man in China eventually had a 20 foot long tapeworm living in his small intestine, and it turned out that the tapeworm had been inside his small intestines for at least 2 years.

Can You Get Tapeworms From Eating Beef?

Well, Yes, the man injested a tapeworm, that grew to 20 feet in length over time, when the doctors finally discovered it.

The man had problems with stomach pain and had reportedly lost over 11 pounds in weight in just three days. He has went to hospital for similar reasons several times in last two years.

Then one day the man found part of tapeworm in his stool and brought it to the doctors. The doctors medicated him and then his affinity for raw beef & that injested tapeworm both went away.