A Watermelon Stops Ripening The Moment It Is Harvested

Watermelon is one of the most cultivated fruit worldwide with more than 1,000 varieties. But, there are several other facts which make Watermelons different from other fruits, like they stop ripening the moment they’re harvested.

Today, we’ll take a look at some of the most interesting facts about Watermelons.

15 Interesting Facts About Watermelons

1. Watermelons were originally cultivated for their high water content to store water & as a food source in summers.

2. Early Watermelons are not sweet as today, infact they used to taste bitter with yellow flesh instead if red & extremely difficult to open. Through Breeding techniques, they later tasted sweeter & became easier to open.

3. Oldest Watermelon seeds were found in Libya, while there is evidence of Watermelons being cultivated in India in 7th century & reaching China in 10th century.

4. Spanish settlers brought Watermelons to America in 1576 in Florida. Then cultivation also reaches Massachusetts by 1629.

5. During American Civil War, Watermelons became symbol for abolition of slavery, due to the fact that they were mostly cultivated by free black people. This later evolved into a racist stereotype.

6. Seedless variety of Watermelons were created by Japanese scientists in 1939, due to them not having sufficient disease resistance. As of 2014, 85% of total watermelons sold in US are of seedless variety.

7. Watermelons have longer growing periods as compared to other melons. On an average, it takes 100 days for a watermelon to go from seed to fruit.

8. In 2020, China alone accounted for two-thirds of global Watermelons production. The country produced almost 101 million tonnes of watermelon followed by Turkey with almost 3.5 million tonnes.

9. Watermelon has 91% water content, 6% sugar content and is extremely low on fats. Which makes it an ideal food.

10. Florida is the largest watermelon producing US state, also the oldest state producing watermelons.