A 99% Effective Birth Control Pill For Men Could Start Trials This Year

Scientists are researching to create a male birth control pill, in order to provide men with contraceptives other than condoms & surgery.

In a preliminary research, the team of scientists said, they’ve developed a non-hormonal form of contraceptive, that kept lab mice sterile for upto six weeks with seemingly zero side effects.

They also said that rarly human trials could begin by the end of 2022 year. The research is being done at University of Minnesota, where researchers believe it is possible by targeting how our bodies interact with vitamin A. Vitamin A is known to be essential for fertility in mammals, deficiency of which is linked to sterilisation in men.

At several other places, scientists are racing to create first birth control pill for men, but most of these are based on testosterone. Interfering with testosterone comes with additional side affects like highers cholesterol levels & lower sex drive.That’s not the case with University of Minnesota research.

According to lead scientist Md Abdullah Al Noman, their pill can bypass the testosterone related concerns, hence making it a more appealing option.

So far, scientists found the pill working fine and working as per their expectations. They tested the treatment on a male mice and the mice became sterile after 4 weeks of medication. Overall, research shows, that the medication is 99% effective in preventing pregnancy.