88% of Britons who took in Ukrainian Refugees would do so again

According to a research, the majority of the general population believes that the UK should continue to accept people from war zones, and eight out of ten persons in the UK who took in Ukrainians escaping the conflict reported having a positive experience hosting the refugees.

A thorough survey conducted by the civil society organisation More in Common revealed that 88% of those who took in Ukrainian refugees would do it again, while only 3% stated they would not, The Guardian reported.

Also, it was discovered that 68% of British think it is positive that the UK has accepted more than 150,000 Ukrainian refugees, while only 17% think it is negative.

According to the More in Common research, hosts gave the Homes for Ukraine programme an overall rating of 7.72 out of 10 and an 8.43 for how well they got along with their Ukrainian visitors.

It was discovered that many hosts were willing to accommodate visitors from other nations. Three out of ten hosts indicated they would support an Afghan refugee who is currently staying in a hotel, and seven out of ten hosts indicated they would be willing to house a refugee once more, with either an Afghan or Ukrainian refugee being acceptable options.

Helping those who have experienced trauma, cultural differences like language barriers or different eating customs, and gaining access to services like a dentist for their visitors were among the hurdles several hosts discovered in the experience. Yet, a lot of the feedback from the hosts was favourable.

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