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6 Signs You’re Being Manipulated In Relationship

How to spot if you’re being manipulated

Manipulation can be an extremely complicated, confusing and emotionally taxing experience.

Relationships with manipulators may have their highs and lows, along with subtle tactics, which can make it so you don’t notice what they’re doing to better look into what manipulation may look like.

Here are six signs you’re being manipulated.

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You feel like everything is your fault.

All the time when you are being manipulated, it’s common for the manipulator to make themselves in the right all the time in the workplace.

They may downplay your intelligence or experience to make you feel that you’re always making mistakes in relationships.

They may justify their actions by twisting facts and words to make themselves seem superior. Additionally, they may use a tactic called triangulation to bring another person into a conflict to take their side.

No matter what, it seems like, you are never right any matter, and you always feel it. All for what happens.

You constantly feel judged.

It’s common to feel judged all the time by your manipulator. This can make it seem like every action is constantly scrutinized.

No matter how big or small, you may notice that they either never offer constructive criticism or they do so in a patronizing manner, they always make it seem like they know better and that you have to work to get on their level.

You’re guilt tripped into decisions.

Manipulators have a tendency to make themselves the victim in every situation. You may notice that you’re always doing things for them out of guilt.

Even if it makes you uncomfortable, if you fight back, they may retaliate by saying they can’t control their behaviors because of some circumstances beyond their control.

Even if what they’re doing would be considered objectively wrong, they always have a reason to justify themselves in doing it.

You doubt your reality.

Gas lighting is another common tactic that manipulators use where they will make you question your sanity.

You may find that it’s hard to trust your own judgment because your manipulator always convinces you that you’re wrong and how you think, feel and experience the world.

Any feeling you have is somehow irrational or incorrect for the situation, manipulators will make you feel like you’re making up situations or our misremembering events.

It’s common for victims of gasoline to question if they have a mental health condition.

You’re constantly compared to others.

Another tactic manipulators will use against you is making you feel inferior to others.

Your manipulator will always make you feel that you’re falling short of expectations and that other people are doing better.

The goal is to make you compete with others to win their approval, you feel like you have to continually one up another person, but it’s never enough.

You’re love bombed and punished.

Manipulators have their way of keeping you coming back to them in relationships, especially. You may find that they will love bomb you for a period of time in which everything in your relationship seems great.

They give you attention, gifts and will speak highly of other people. While this may seem positive at the time. In reality, it’s to gain your trust. You might find that after this period ends, they resort to punishing you.

They may use tactics like the silent treatment, making fun of you or any of the other tactics listed in this video, the cycle tends to repeat, keeping you stuck in it.


Did you relate to any of these signs? While manipulation can sometimes be hard to detect, it’s important to recognize it.

Manipulation can have huge effects on your mental health and overall wellbeing, finding ways to establish boundaries or knowing when to walk away can have massive impacts on your life.