5 Major NYC Parking Rules (2022)

Where cars can stop, stand, and park in New York City is governed by NYC parking rules. The Traffic Rules and Regulations include the City’s parking policies.

5 NYC Parking Rules you should always follow.

Rule 1: All of NYC is a “Tow Away Zone”

According to the State’s Vehicle and Traffic Law, New York City as a whole is a Tow Away Zone.

This means that any vehicle that is parked has registration stickers that are either missing or expired may be towed, according to official NYC parking rules.

Major legal holidays allow for the exception of regions where parking regulations are in place every day of the week.

Rule 2: Double Parking of Passenger vehicles is illegal

Irrespective of the location, reason, or length, double parking of passenger vehicles is prohibited at all times, especially when street sweeping is taking place.

According to official NYC parking rules, the same safety risk and traffic congestion are created by an occupied illegally parked car as they are by an empty vehicle.

Rule 3: It is illegal to park close to fire hydrant

Parking on floating parking lanes (next to protected bike lanes) or within 15 feet on either side of a fire hydrant is prohibited.

That means, you should avoid parking next to a fire hydrant in any direction by 15 feets.

Rule 4: The more restrictive sign would be the one in effect

If there are multiple signs placed for the same area, the one with the most restrictions is in force.

Official NYC parking rules suggest that you should always inspect the entire block and carefully read any signs.

If you find all three signs: No Stopping, No Standing and No Parking, then the most restrictive one will be in effect. Generally, No Stopping is the most restrictive one among three.

Rule 5: Parking in school zones is illegal

When classes are not in session, parking is permitted in school zones. Drivers should be aware, ppp1though, that some schools might be open on holidays and throughout the summer break. In that case, parking restrictions would still be in place.

The parking rules are in effect on days when schools have summer sessions or are open for teacher conferences or other events, even if no students are present.

The official NYC Parking Rules suggest that drivers should contact the schools to confirm that they are in break.