3 Things Which You Need To Know About Lauren Handy

Who is Lauren Handy?

Who is Lauren Handy?

Lauren Handy is a staunch opponent of abortion. She is the Director of Activism for the “Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising,” a group dedicated to ending abortion.

How many fetuses were found in Lauren Handy fridge?

Police officials discovered five fetuses inside Handy’s residence on March 30. Officers were called to Handy’s house after getting a report regarding possible bio-hazard items.

Police are currently investigating, and the fetuses are being held at the medical examiner’s office. There’s still no word on where the foetuses originated from.

Why was Lauren Handy arrested?

According to federal prosecutors, nine anti-abortion activists were charged with federal civil rights violations after blocking entry to a reproductive health centre and livestreaming it on Facebook.

The allegations include violations of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, sometimes known as the FACE Act, which forbids physically impeding or intimidating or interfering with a person seeking reproductive health care.

Damage to property at abortion clinics and other reproductive health services is likewise prohibited under the law.

It’s unclear whether the defendants have lawyers who could comment on the charges.

Do Lauren Handy Had 115 fetuses?

Lauren Handy fetuses images

According to Washingtonian, Five foetuses were discovered in the house of pro-life campaigner Lauren Handy last week, according to DC Police.

The pro-life group Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising stated that figure was inaccurate during a press conference on Tuesday: Handy allegedly had 115 foetuses in his possession, in addition to the five that were already in police custody.