#254 – Today’s Wordle answer – solution, Monday, February 28

Guess how simple it is.

Have you become addicted to Wordle? If that’s the case, you’re not alone. Every day, millions of individuals play this easy yet addictive word game and share their findings with their friends via social media.

However, not everyone is able to play every day. You can be too preoccupied to play even a 10-minute game, or you might be offline for 24 hours or longer. Or perhaps you simply forgot.

In either case, you can’t go back to a day you’ve missed unless you use the Wordle Archive, which allows you to play earlier puzzles in the order they first appeared.

But be warned: there are spoilers ahead for game #254, so only read on if you want to find out what the Wordle solution is for today! And don’t look ahead of time to see if you can beat your buddies without truly trying; that’s cheating.

Wordle answer #254, Monday, February 28

Don’t worry, I’m not going to keep you waiting for long – it’s CHOKE.

Remember how everyone said Wordle became too difficult once the New York Times bought it? They should be silent right now, since after CHANT and SPILL, there are three extremely simple words in a row.

According to Term and Phrase Info, CHOKE is the 5,278th most commonly used word in the English language, and I’d be astonished if many people don’t know what it means.