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2022 Suzuki Alto Rebadged As Mazda Carol In Japan

2022 Suzuki Alto has been rebadged as a Mazda Carol in Japan. It gets same engine, interior and exterior as of 2022 Alto.

  • 2022 Suzuki Alto has its identical twin in Japan as The new Mazda Carol
  • New Mazda Carol gets the same look as of 2022 Suzuki Alto with different logo

Mazda has launched its eighth-generation Carol car in Japan. It is essentially a 2022 Suzuki Alto with Mazda logo. Mazda introduced Carol as its first city car in 1962. From 1980, Suzuki manufactured the Carol as a rebadged Alto in international markets. In India Suzuki launched rebadged Carol as the discontinued A-Star.

2022 Suzuki Alto

2022 Suzuki Alto As Mazda Carol

Mazda hasn’t made any changes in new Carol to differentiate it from Alto. There’s only a logo change on the car. Two models look absolutely identical to each other. Chrome finish on the face can only be noticed with a close look. Suzuki has given Alto a chrome finish but it is missing on Mazda Carol.

Mazda announced three variants in new Carol. These are GL, Hybrid GS and Hybrid GX variants. New Mazda Carol will get 660cc three-cylinder petrol engine. This engine produces 49 hp. The hybrid variants gets Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) with a lithium-ion battery pack.

New Mazda Carol

From January 2022, new Mazda Carol will be available in Japan. The price starts at ¥998,800 ($8,732) and goes upto ¥1,303,500 ($11,396). Suzuki is working on new Alto for the Indian market. New Alto for India has been spied on test multiple times.

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